Japan’s first! JFA-approved pitch will be realized with artificial turf that no elastic materials.

Japan’s first! JFA-approved pitch will be realized with artificial turf that no elastic materials.

Safe, secure and environmentally friendly artificial turf RITA Ecology Turf

On August 8, 2022, the “RITA Ecology Turf” RET series (product number: ST-HD35) provided by Rita Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo) applied for product inspection to the Japan Football Association to obtain JFA official recognition.
On October 4th, 2022, it passed Article 5 of the JFA long-pile artificial turf pitch official regulations [Results of product inspection].
This means that all the inspection items in the current JFA long pile artificial turf official standard have been cleared.
It is the first time in Japan that an artificial turf that does not use elastic materials such as rubber resin chips has passed the product inspection result, which is a remarkable achievement.

The importance of creating an environment that should be passed on to the next generation

Our Saga office (Artificial turf labo) was severely damaged by the heavy rains in Kyushu in 2019.
At the same time, the house where our representative was born and raised was completely destroyed.
In addition, areas soaked in oil from a nearby factory left scars that affected crop production. The rivers facing the disaster area led to the Ariake Sea, which boasts the largest production of seaweed in Japan.
Due to the administrative judgment that the oil spilled into the Ariake Sea would affect marine products, the drainage pump leading to the river was stopped. The affected areas were forced to be submerged in oil for several days.
The sacrifice of this area was able to stop the impact on the fisheries industry along the Ariake Sea coast centering on Saga Prefecture.

What we have learned from this experience is that, as a manufacturer of artificial turf, we must always be aware of the risk of secondary environmental damage caused by the outflow of fillers such as rubber resin chips, as disasters continue to occur.
Although there was a corporate philosophy of considering safety, security, and the environment until now,We believe that it is our mission to create a new standard for creating sports facilities by clearing JFA official figures with artificial turf that no elastic materials.

Against this background, we conducted research at a rapid pace at the (Artificial turf labo) operated in Omachi Town, Saga Prefecture, and successfully passed all inspection items by a third-party organization.
This time, we have achieved what many artificial turf manufacturers have challenged and failed to achieve.

JFA Long Pile Artificial Turf Official Standards and Our Efforts

According to the conventional long pile official standard, it has been said that the JFA official standard cannot be cleared unless the turf is 50 mm or more in length and contains elastic material.
Based on the voices of the players who have continued to stand on the pitch, continuing to pursue the player’s point of view that artificial turf will spread if the problem of artificial turf is improved.
Overturning conventional wisdom, RET (ST-HD35) has cleared all numerical values.
In Japan, where there are many disasters. The safe, secure, and environment-friendly artificial turf with no elastic materials will realize a JFA-approved pitch without causing environmental damage due to the outflow of elastic materials. We believe that it will be a big step forward in the sustainable development of the environment.

From Japan to the world

The JFA official standards are the same inspection items as the FIFA official standards. However, even if you look around the world, there is no artificial turf that
no elastic materials on the FIFA-approved pitch.
In other words, the JFA is taking steps to create a sustainable society ahead of the rest of the world.
We believe that the success of our company in the history of artificial turf will play a role in improving the environment in line with the trends of the times, not only in the soccer world but also in all public facilities.
Revitalize Japan with the power of sports.

100% recyclable “RITA Ecology Turf”

RITA Ecology Turf, an artificial turf that is safe, secure, and environmentally friendly, provided by our company.
All constituent materials are sustainable artificial turf using a  recyclable single material.
The RET series (part number: ST-HD35), which has improved durability for sports specifications, will support further athletes’ leaps.
This product was created through repeated research and verification from all angles, including the user’s perspective, the instructor’s perspective, the player’s perspective, and the guardian’s perspective.
People who enjoy sports and children, who will lead the next generation, can safely demonstrate their maximum performance.
In addition, we will strive to create an environment that matches the trends of the times, with the mission of providing excitement to spectators who enjoy watching sports.
Please look forward to our future efforts.

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